This is just a very short one.

I’m at a cafe in central London just about to start working.

I’m helping Frank Clifford (amazing astrology teacher!) and Wendy Stacey (also amazing) with the Student’s Astrological Conference in exchange for watching the lectures.

Very ultra excited to be back in class after travelling so much and living in a low budget. I hope the lectures help inspiring me. (I’m sure it will)

I need some reaffirmation on my choice of going on without a “regular” job for so long. I need to feel again the certainty in what I’m doing, even if I’m penny less most of the time.

And I truly hope that this situation won’t prolong for much longer. (The living without cash part..) (well Pluto is about to finish his loooong period travelling through my second house after the last square to my  Moon, I hope that that will reflect the change!)

I have to reaffirm and trust myself.

Be no scared.

Will be back writing on what happens in the conference, new ideas or brilliant insights..

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