I offer one hour one to one astrology readings, conducted via Zoom, where the session is recorded and then sent to you.

Using my unique Constructive Astrology method, we will explore and reframe patterns as well as discuss personal cycles and potentials for how to positively align yourself with them.

There is no fear mongering here!

My mission is to inspire inspiring people like you! The goal of my work with astrology is to strengthen your self-awareness, which has been talked about by psychologists as the main source of:

  • Clearer needs and boundaries
  • Developing better communication skills
  • Healthier relationships
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Self-regulating emotions

Each session is individually tailored to specific needs, so if you’re after an astrology report or flat future predictions, I’m not the right person for you!

But, if you’re looking for using astrology to gain deeper insight and to reclaim a sense of agency in your life,  get in touch!

I also offer personalised bundles of services, and gift vouchers if you’re searching for a meaningful present to a loved one. 

"The knowledge Fernanda helped me access is helping me to discover strengths I didn't know I had and to laugh with the more tricky parts that I used to shy away from. I would (and do) recommend Fernanda's sessions and courses to anyone!"

Abi, UK

Cosmic Coaching for Highly Sensitive People

After many clients demonstrated an interest in having regular sessions where we could work more closely together, I’m here announcing this brand new service!

If you’re already familiar with me, you know that I much prefer to offer deeper and meaningful sessions. This new service will give us the opportunity to go beyond the usual one to one session once or twice a year. 

On Cosmic Coaching for HSPs we will be working on specific goals with tangible results, mixing unique techniques of astrology and coaching together.

This is the ideal option for you if you’re very serious about personal growth and feel ready to take responsibility and commit to it.  

I will be launching it soon but I’m already opening the applications as spaces are limited and I really want to make sure I can help you thrive. 

Click the button below and fill out this short form to see if we are a good match. I will get in touch and we can then schedule an informal chat to discuss the possibilities further. 

"After a personal reading and having attended lots of her courses, I can say that she is wise, warm hearted, professional, and caring. Her work has truly supported my journey of self-discovery! It has helped me to better understand myself, my family and relationship dynamics, and to tune in with the moon phases and astrology transits."

Mar, Spain

Mentorship, Private Lessons and Supervision

Are you tired of looking at your chart and wondering, while waiting for answers to your questions at online forums and communities, what does it all mean??! Or perhaps you already understand what each component might mean but struggle to bring it all together?

If like me, you also think that astrology is an amazing and complex subject, and exploring what the planets, houses, star signs, etc, have to say is almost an obsession, this service is for you! If you’re interested in learning the basics, or if you’re already further down the path and want to practice chart analysis and interpretations, I can help you with that!

I will teach you Constructive Astrology, where there can always be a grounded and empowering way of expressing whichever challenging astrological configuration is at hand.

I can guarantee that learning with me is a fun, enthusiastic, dynamic process, and I’m very flexible to work around your needs from session to session. 

"Fernanda makes the complex and interconnected wealth of information that is available about astrology so accessible, compelling and most importantly, positive! A lot of scaremongering and stereotypes can be readily found online. Learning with Fernanda has been a very joyful experience!"

Avi, UK


I regularly give talks and webinars online and in person on various different astrological topics. If you’d like to be kept up to date, please join my mailing list below.

If you would like to book me to talk either in person or online, please email me directly.

"What I love the most about Fernanda's approach is the wholesomeness of it - unlike many others, she really can see the bigger picture and doesn't just focus on the meaning of an aspect, but rather on the uniqueness of the whole mixture. She is using astrology as a way to empower us and you can really feel her passion for teaching. At this point it will be difficult to trust any other astrologer."

Arth, Poland


Please fill out the form below and I will contact you to discuss the most suitable service for you.

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