hi, i'm Fernanda!

I’m an HSP (highly sensitive person), certified astrologer (London School of Astrology) with a masters’ degree in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology (University of Wales Trinity Saint David). With 10 years + experience, I’ve been teaching and working with people all over the world. I’m very passionate about astrology, but what I really love is to inspire inspiring people like you.

Maybe you’re asking yourself if having a consultation with me is the right thing if you’re not a highly sensitive person and the answer is yes. The fact that I’m an HSP only makes me more skilful at serving you, more attuned to your voice, needs and feelings.

I absolutely love to see you leaving my astrological consultation inspired to be yourself and to make your mark in the world, with more clarity and insight to reconnect and make the most of your cycles.

Authenticity is one of my main values. I strongly believe that the world can be a better place if we heal as individuals, and to positively contribute with your happiness, wellness, and growth is my mission!

my story with HSP

As most highly sensitive people I have also felt like I don’t belong, at times (oftentimes), wondering if there was something just plain wrong with me. Why did I care so much about doing something meaningful in the world, to the point of struggling to have a ‘normal’ job? Or why did I need more downtime, compared to most people I knew?

I also have been called ‘too sensitive’ numerous times, by my family when I was a child, or when out at a concert and the noise and energy of the crowd was overwhelming. Most people don’t get that.

I used to be so attuned to people’s needs and expectations that I was lost to what I truly wanted, without any idea of what my own needs were or how to nourish them. Even if I instinctively knew I couldn’t help with the birthday party or go for a drink, I still struggled with a lot of guilt for saying no.

As my interest in astrology grew, so did my self-awareness and self-acceptance. I started to understand my own needs more and, consequently, to dare honouring them.  It doesn’t matter if you’re not interested in learning about astrology. The benefits of this beautiful source of knowledge can be at your disposal by having a consultation with me. 

So, we are super sensitive, but do you know what?

I realised that if harnessed we have a huge potential to offer our unique abilities to the world. We are naturally more aware of other’s feelings; we think more deeply about things and the strong empathy makes us truly care and want to help others.

And that’s what I do, I help others with astrology. I apply all my empathy, sensitivity, creativity, and expertise into all the services I offer.

my story with astrology

One of the most valuable contributions that astrology has given me is to have more peace of mind, to accept and understand that life, as we see in nature, happens in cycles.

Breath in, breath out. For every summer there is a winter.

With this knowledge you can choose to act purposefully to effectively create the life you want to live. A life with more love, abundance, rest (an important one for this Virgo here!), and creativity.

A life where you can be you, unapologetically you!

I can help you explore that by using astrology as a positive tool. My Constructive Astrology method takes psychological astrology a step further. For a long time I’ve observed the tendency to fearmonger in astrology, to look at the astrology chart and find something to interpret as a negative thing.

As a person who is service oriented, and really cares about people’s feelings, I never understood the need and objective of labelling something as purely negative. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Pollyanna here. I fully understand that there are certain transits or configurations in astrology that can reflect a difficult challenge.

But I believe in the power of reframing. Astrological symbols are multivalent, they never mean only one thing. My talent lies on translating these symbolic potentials, and brainstorming on creative and positive ways of working with them based on your unique desires and goals.

I apply my expertise by listening to you!

I care deeply about you, your feelings, stories, and best potentials. My mission is to inspire inspiring people – you can make a difference in the world if you’re happy and being your best.

Qualifications and expertise

I am originally from Brazil, where I graduated in History before moving to the UK in 2008. Since then, I did Reiki level one and two at the London Reiki Academy in 2011, got my certificate with distinction at the London School of Astrology in early 2015, did a level one course on Bach flower remedies in Bath in 2017 and have successfully completed the MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales TSD.

Learning is my passion, and I recently completed a training  at The Highly Sensitive Human Academy so I can further serve my sensitive and empath clients.

I also love writing.

Some of my work has been published by Flare UK, the Astrological Journal from the Astrological Association of Great Britain, IAM Infinity Magazine, Vice Brazil, and in the respectable astrodiesnt website.

I have been teaching astrology around the world and online, including many astrological groups and organizations like the Kepler’s College, the AFAN, ISAR and at the Astrological Association of Great Britain’s annual conferences. This year I’ve been invited to give a workshop at the International Astrology Conference organised by ASPAS, happening in Azores. 

Searching for meaning has always been a big part of my life, I’ve done a Vipassana in 2017, an intense silent meditation retreat for 10 days, as well as an intensive yoga training in Thailand where I lived for 3 months in 2016.

Combining the creative and spiritual with a grounded no-nonsense rational approach (Did I mention I’m a Virgo?) backed up by proper expertise is one of my main mottos.


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