The Saturn/Neptune challenge


At my yoga course one of the teachers said a couple of times: “Too much of an open mind and you end up with your brain scattered all over the floor”. (Something like that)

My virgoan mind understands that danger pretty well I guess. So I’ve always had a tendency to, deep inside, doubt every piece of occult knowledge that I would come across. I was always deeply fascinated about it I confess, but I would also always question every thought or conclusion.

I would always secretly ask myself if I was going mad or something.

Then I came across Carl Jung’s work and with that I encountered some sort of relief. Something clicked inside me and with psychology on my side I could surrender a little deeper into my research.

(The unconscious had always scared and fascinated me.)

Until transiting Neptune opposed my Mercury couple of years ago.

During that time I saw my mind scrambling down almost completely. I couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t read a book (I used to read books on a regular basis). It was really strange not to be able to think clearly.

But around that time I was having the most amazing and informative dream life that I’ve ever had. I would wake up to incredible holographic lectures on the meaning of Saturn conjunct the MC or some other astrological concept.

Since then, my capacity to interpret astrological symbols got a lot deeper and more intuitive. Now when I look at a chart I’m not only using all of the theoretical information that my brain is capable of decoding and keeping stored but I also feel the chart.

I get acquainted with what the symbols potentially represent by using my rational side, but the symbols speak to me mainly through what I feel while gazing at the picture.

That was part of the Neptunian process of dissolution for me.

And now that Saturn makes a square to Neptune in the sky I find it very important to ask ourselves how to make the balance between these two principles.

How not to be limited by a purely analytical/scientific approach to life, but at the same time, how to not become an airy faerie believer?!

(like I see so many with the increasing “new age” stuff and the pop culture of the “law of attraction” without much substance.)



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