Pluto in the english countryside

I’ve been out in the English countryside for about a week now.

I’m back to Cirencester, the same place where I did wwoofing last year in the midst of the begining of my plutonian crisis and homelessness. The lady lives in a quite alternative set in a field and has a garden of healing herbs. She knows a lot about it and I enjoy spending time with her very much.

We have many strong interaspects between our charts and I notice a great deal of positive projection in our interaction. Her sun is conjunct my MC,  her Saturn and Venus conjunct my Sun, her moon conjunct my Ascendant.

Anyways, these days she asked me for a reading and also suggested I gave a reading to one of her daughters.

They are both very plutonic women and that got me thinking about how reality powerfully reflect our transits.

I am going through a Pluto transit to my natal Moon and I can’t help but bump into very plutonic women or Moon-Pluto kinds of situations. Like last year when I went back to London from wwoofing and ended up staying at a friend’s that had one of the siblings commited suicide. I woke up in the early morning and spent hours chatting with his grieving mother.

It amazes me how many layers of meaning and possibilities for astrology to be manifested.

I mean, astrology, in my view, is actually just a language that enable us to interpret and increase our understanding of reality. But what a gift!

The lady’s ¬†daughter turned out not only to be a very plutonic woman but also to be going through a powerful plutonic time right now and without knowing. It was such a honor to give her a reading. Such a a gift for me to remind myself about my process, but also and mainly, such a honor to see the light in her eyes change. To see her face brighten up with relief when she said to me “so I’m not going crazy”.

That’s what gives me the confirmation of my choices and makes all the effort I’ve put into learning worth. I know that it would be so much harder to go through this Pluto transit to my Moon without knowing anything about it. So it really pleases me to be of service to people.

To help people understanding more about themselves.

I’m smiling as I write this post and feel the warmth in my heart.


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