Is destiny negotiable?

Yesterday I finally decided to take a step further on forgetting and moving on from my ex lover and deleted his phone number.

Since Mars has re entered Scorpio I’ve been getting in touch with yet more buried anger towards him and the lack of communication between us.

Then the anger became bigger as I realised that actually this has been a pattern in most of my relationships and indulged in victimising for a bit.

Not fair. (still with my sense of responsibility in the background)

When there is a transit, the Mars retrograde in late Scorpio for instance, the best way for interpreting it is bringing the symbolism to the most individual level possible. That means linking up with the natal chart by understanding the conditions of natal Mars.

Any natal issues related to that planet will be brought up for you to deal with. Specially when the transiting planet is in retrograde motion (revisiting, rethinking,etc).

In my case I have natal Mars conjunct Uranus in the first house opposing Chiron in Gemini in the 7th. And guess what? I always end up getting involved with people that don’t communicate with me.

They simply don’t talk!

So many times I have written long letters explaining how I feel without any kind of deep answer. Many times without answer at all.

This whole issue got me thinking, how much can we scape from our blue print? Am I condemned to struggle communicating with partners for ever?

I believe that these questions bring up a very important issue in the astrological world, how much can we direct our energies and experience reality in a different way?

I’m always gonna be a Chiron in Gemini in the 7th house, so what could be a more consciously positive way of expressing that?

I also can’t deny my contribution with the miscommunication by expressing the Mars conjunct Uranus perhaps a little over the top sometimes.

Is it a matter of measuring then?

When we are conscious of it (which astrology can help with) we can choose how much of this energy will be expressed and in which way. We can also brainstorm what are the positive manifestations of the archetype and consciously express it.

Perhaps the pressure of a dynamic configuration will be released and the energy worked with in a more constructive way for the individual.

Perhaps that’s one of our missions as astrologers?

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