A thousand souls

I’ve been back in London for almost a week and the weather has been quite foul.

I don’t mind so much this weather as I quite like the introspective invitation from the greyness outside. What disturbs me a bit is being indoors for 4 days and not really spending much time on my own.

My peculiar friend has been friendlier than usual and I’ve been cooking for us most of these days. Which I do enjoy, but yesterday I somehow noticed, in a very subtle way, that I’m beginning to crave my own company.

Is funny how we can have so many souls coexisting within us. I really do enjoy company and moments of sharing (natal Moon in Libra), but doing that for 3 days without a break and I start feeling somewhat suffocated.

Thank God he is a Venus conjunct Uranus and Moon in Aquarius, so I believe he not only understands but needs his solitude very much too.

This is making me wonder, no matter how much you’re truly compatible with someone else, if you have a strong Uranus in your chart, you are always going to feel suffocated if you spend too much time together. Even if you’re just sitting quietly in the living room.

When you’re on your own your energy is free to roam. There is no container, no eye watching and giving you format. No reacting.

Such a contradiction to have couple of planets in the 12th house, Venus making a tight square to Neptune and Moon in Libra when you also have a strong Uranian energy.

My issues with boundaries summarised.

One of the beauties of astrology is that you can map out the psyche and understand a bit more of your own dualities and inner conflicts. Perhaps even find a constructive way of expressing your “thousand souls”.

Astrology helps understanding and making peace with the fact that we are not linear beings, it helps identifying our contradictions. It facilitates the relationship between the many characters coexisting in our psyches.

They can even write letters to each other in this new moon in Gemini..

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