I’ve been gardening a lot in the last few days and having insights.

So much seems to have happened inside me during the month of June. The whole mutable grand cross and Mars retrograde as well reflecting some kind of inner turmoil.

The funny thing that got me thinking is the fact that since Mars stationed and went direct a few people got in touch with me requesting some astrological work.

During the last two months, while Mars was retrograde, I did worry quite a bit about having to make a decision regarding how I’m gonna be making my income. I also had many moments thinking that perhaps I would have to borrow money from someone else for the first time.

Self doubt.

This whole thing made me think about my approach to astrology.

If I was writing a forecast to someone else I would have noticed the retrograde Mars more clearly, especially if it was natally the ruler of the 6th house and Ascendant, and speak about the need to rethink actions or strategies.

Why did I forget that myself?!

One thing that somehow disturbs me is how, many times, (we) astrologers try too hard to fit the symbolism into reality.

Is the other way around of what it should be in my view.

The capacity to interpret and understand symbols should enhance our ability to make choices. It should be used to deepen our understanding of life and other people, it should somehow add complexity and not be used to oversimplify and to put people in boxes.

One of the greatest risks with the astrology of disempowerment is using it to justify some kind of behaviour or circumstance without having to take much responsibility for it.

“I’m like this because of my Mars conjunction Pluto” “I can’t do this because I’m too fiery” “I do that because I lack fire” and so on.

Is also a little like going back to the medieval mentality of praying to a “father figure” God that will punish or reward you depending on your behaviour.

Is not being able to be responsible and thoughtful about your actions and life situation.

Blame on the planets. “This is happening because Saturn is on my Ascendant”…

In my view is becoming clearer that the astrological position of the planets are reflecting your inner life.

There is no out there causing you something. We are one and the same. Perhaps we are still the result of an explosion expanding together.

It’s a dance.

I think that by trying to avoid the more passive kind of astrological interpretation I end up sometimes ignoring things like the retrograde Mars on my Ascendant.

I really feel that I need to find a good balance here..


I’m in Little Dean now (just near the forest of Dean) at the lovely community I spent last year’s summer.

It’s really amazing to be back here, this is one of those really special places in the world. The kind that you always want to go back to.

Yesterday we had dinner together, big table and many blessings. Abundance. Laughter.

Then we improvised a little ritual for the summer solstice/full moon in Sagittarius.

They were asking me what should they write it down. Me, the astrologer.

So I briefly said some stuff about the solstice and full moons and Sagittarius/Gemini flavours.

It was difficult to translate the symbols to each and everyone without being able to get personal.

As an astrologer you really have to, not only master your understanding of what those symbols could possibly mean, but also have the sensitivity and flexibility to translate the meanings back to a language that each individual can relate to.

I’m specifically speaking about a very mixed crowd of people. (different than teaching a group of people that somehow are on the same “page”)

Anyways, the situation made me think about the slow pace that my astrological career is taking. It made me think of how I’m really binding my time when it comes to “putting myself out there”.

Connecting this with what I wrote on my last post (and the conflicting dialogue between Saturn and Neptune in the sky) I am reluctant to getting out there as the “mystic astrologer” kind of thing. The airy fairie type that keep always speaking of changes and letting go and everything that is also nothing at the same time.

I thought about it. I’ve questioned myself if this is an ego trip (the need to be recognised for doing a serious intellectual work) and I’m really trying to peal my ego by having almost nothing at the moment.

But my conclusion is that this isn’t really about my ego. (or is it?!)

I just need to be authentic and true to myself.

That way of doing it (selling myself hard, advertising that I can help you find your purpose or whatever, or perhaps making my practice into a business) doesn’t seem to resonate with me.

I’m resistant. I just want things to unfold organically.

And I am hoping that I’m not deluding myself.. the whole Saturn/Neptune thing again..

(and this full Moon was bang on on my natal Neptune in the second house..)

Busy minds.

I don’t know exactly why I chose this tittle for this post. I guess it has something to do with some left over  inspiration from the full moon in Gemini yesterday.

I just read an article about the astrological configuration and got some food for thought from it. About how the square of Saturn to Neptune got involved in the picture yesterday, or how it was rather triggered by this full moon. Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces,  Moon in Gemini (plus Jupiter in later degrees of Virgo, which would sort of suggest the ‘pseudo’ formation of a grand cross) and this really makes me think about a conflict between truth and beliefs versus reality and delusion, with an input of information or a bit of clarification represented by this full moon. The full moon symbolises the culmination of something, the end of a cycle and Gemini lends a quality of mind and detachment to it.

Bringing this whole thing to a personal level, yesterday I finally came across a piece of information that really has shed some light on a situation that has been lingering on and on for much too long. Clarity really stroke me and I suddenly was brought to think and question my values in relation  to relationships. Saturn in Sagittarius, also transiting my Mars and asking my masculine side to become more mature, is very serious about honesty and morality. Neptune in Pisces is a bit harder to grasp, it has to do with higher realms and trying to pin it down simply does not work. It has to do with dreams and ideals and romanticism. We can sense the conflict between those two archetypal energies, or at least I can. The smoke hitting against the wall. Then comes the full moon, gigantic in the sky and in its brightest moment, just like a spotlight showing you whatever was that you’ve missed in the process. Whatever idea or information that is crucial for at least trying to have a little more clarity and vision over the matter. Be the matter related to the refugee crisis and racism or to religious extremism, or perhaps self deluding about a person in your life. Whatever it might be, the energies in the air are still conducive to grant you some ideas and clues about any conflicting confusion that you have been struggling over. Enjoy.