A note on progressions

Have you experimented with secondary progressions much?

I have been observing it for a few years now, a few times that my progressed moon has shifted signs for example, and watched how that manifested in my life. But it was only today, whilst preparing one of my webinars on prognostication, that it actually clearly dawned on me how much progressions relates to internal transitions and our inner reality.

Currently my progressed Moon is just about to conjoin my natal IC, which in a few months will then be transited by Jupiter and Saturn; followed by Pluto a few years down the line. Whatever is brewing within myself regarding belonging, home, family, and a reconnection with my roots will have a long lasting effect, it seems.

For the last 12 years I have been living in the UK and travelling around, I have been living a very nomad life style, always on the go without allowing any roots to become too strong and prevent me from experiencing what it seemed like ‘freedom’. My relocated chart in England has Sagittarius rising, with my Mars-Uranus quite close to it, and exactly conjoined my South Node in Sag. I feel free around here…

But it turns out that I am not sure this is what I want anymore, and when I check my progressed chart I see my p. ASC just about to move from Sagittarius to Capricorn, there is a huge shift happening within myself. It is really baffling to be able to see them so clearly reflected on my progressed chart!

Since my Moon progressed to Aquarius I have been thinking about home a lot, about Brazil, about my cultural heritage. I’ve been missing to speak my language and the small silent understanding that talking with someone from where you come from brings you.

I never thought this would happen! But as my progressed Moon moves closer and closer to my natal IC, these issues are becoming greater and greater. And I wonder what is the point on keeping the so called ‘freedom’ in detriment to human connection? As humans, do we all need to have and develop a sense of belonging and being accepted?

I also think about the easiness, the recognition, the familiarity which is calling me louder and louder from within. This is the progressed chart manifesting in a very obvious way in my life…

Housing crisis

I have a few minutes for catching up with processes that are happening here.

Some posts back I talked about my progressed moon moving to Aquarius, the same sign on my IC, and the continuation of my journey in search for home, but this time,  reconnecting with my Brazilian roots.

During the New Moon in Sagittarius I moved to a friend’s house here in Sao Paulo so now Im living most of the week with her and couple of days with my parents. I was just packing some of my stuff to go back from her place to my mother’s where I will see a client later today for an astrology session.

As I was packing my things I thought about the amount of traveling and moving around that I have been doing since 2015 when Pluto did the first exact square to my natal Moon. At that time things were so emotionally intense that travelling from place to place gave me some sort of solace from all the intensity that was coming up to me.

This time is different, I am more balanced and less haunted by the emotional detox reflected by the Pluto Moon stuff, but I do notice myself feeling a little tired of all of the moving around (at least today?).

Yesterday night I was asking myself where is home?  I get bored indeed and have been consistently moving houses, jobs, cities, etc, but I wonder, is there a time when I am going to be able to settle down a bit more? Will I ever have a home of my own?

I am used to temporary situations, I am used to being quite mutable and taking one day at the time and building a momentary home with whatever I have available, but I am wondering more and more (perhaps the progressed Moon/IC thing) when is this going to end… if ever? Will I have a bit more stability regarding housing?

I have no answer to these questions yet, but it was a great relief to move out from my parents (again) and spend a few solid days on my own. As we grow older it becomes clearer how much space we need for ourselves, to do our own cooking, to decide how to get on with our day without being judged…

These last few days reflected how important for me is to be regularly alone, how necessary is to withdraw from activities and outside stimuli so I can process my feelings and understand what is going on with me. It has been 2 months since I arrived in Brazil and I did not have quality time on my own to feel my feelings, to catch up with myself properly.

I say no to this world populated by extroverted people constantly achieving and doing things out there. I want to achieve and do things in here. Inside me.


Progressed Moon conjunct IC

I’ve been back in Brazil for just over 3 weeks and much has happened already, or has it not?!

Since my progressed Moon entered the sign of my natal IC in the beginning of September my attention has naturally turned towards exploring and understanding more about my roots.

I’ve been socialising quite a bit and going out observing everything with the curiosity of an anthropologist doing field work in some remote and yet familiar place.

I used to feel that I don’t belong here, and for the first time I am willing to recognise a slight sense of belonging that seems to be increasing as time goes by…

Not sure.

Perhaps Im getting more comfortable with being part of the syncretism that I come from. Being some sort of Alien Frankenstein (how much Aquarius on the IC does this sound?!) returning ‘home’… home?!

Transiting Saturn is forming its last square to my natal Moon and I don’t feel the typical symptoms associated with this transit: loneliness, depression, etc. I really don’t, which is a reminder to never dismember astrological symbolism too much. What I sense happening instead, is me questioning if I should come back to live here…  or not…

In between worlds

Im on a haze.

It has been challenging to concentrate in the last couple of months and again I find myself struggling to keep up with my writing.

The full super blue blood moon eclipse on the 31 of January at 11 degrees Leo/Aquarius (bang on my MC/IC) has been truly intense.

It culminated with me finding out that I got the job at the Forest of Dean and everything in my life (regarding home and belonging) changes once more.

I am happy… and although surprisingly busy with astrology work, I just can’t seem to be able to focus a hundred per cent in my career at this moment.

Readings and lectures are going quite well but my process of change and becoming is taking over for now. The whole Pluto-Moon stuff that has been happening within me still going strong.

I would love to be doing and writing more, but there doesn’t seem to be much separation between my process of growth and the services that I can offer people. And at the moment, growth and change takes me over.

I have been reading a lot about greek mythology and psychology though, and have a strong feeling regarding a master course on the subject.

We will see.

For now, Im in between worlds. And that’s that.



Full Moon highlights

We just had a full moon in Cancer on the 1 of January and will be having another one on the 31.

The first one was mildly intense for me. I had my brother and 2 other old friends from school staying over at my place for a few days. It was really nice to have them around and we did have fun.

But I also caught myself worrying about everyone else’s wellbeing and feeling stressed out most of the time.

It is interesting to see how during a full moon things get really heightened depending on what gets activated in your natal chart. Whatever issue is being transformed in a longer process (reflected by a long term transit) gets very much under the spotlight in some kind of exaggerated form if activated by the full moon.

During the last few days I could really see the people pleaser in me (reflected by my moon in Libra) and how difficult it was to assert myself and my needs.

They went back to London couple of days ago and Im still recovering and indulging myself in my own company, aware that on the 31 of January there will be a full moon eclipse exactly conjunct my MC/IC axis.

Financial struggles and perhaps some inflexibility on my part seem to be pushing me to move again.

(Its funny to see that even though I have lots of mutability in my chart and a natural willingness to adapt, having the ruler of the 6th house conjunct Uranus in the first house reflects a side of myself that is very stubborn and peculiar when it comes to daily job and routine…)

I might be getting a job at a community in the Forest of Dean, still waiting to hear from them.

And here we perhaps come full circle.

With the starting point reflected by Pluto transiting my Moon in early 2015 and me leaving my London life behind in search for a more meaningful way to live.

That does not mean that I won’t be working on my astrological practice anymore.

But I can see big changes heading my way, highlighted by the coming full moon eclipse.

Thoughts on the ASC-DSC axis

The angles are very sensitive points in the horoscope and they symbolise how our personal and inner world meets outer reality. The Ascendant marks the beginning of the first house in the horoscope and therefore is of great importance in showing how the individual tend to experience each area represented by the house cusps. I personally find slightly frustrating when casting a chart with an accurate birth time is not possible and because of that the angles are lost. I think that a very important part of the individual make up and the style and quality of energy that drives a person towards relating is contained within the Ascendant – Descendant axis.                                                                                                                                    The Ascendant – Descendant is known as the relationship axis, the “me versus others”, where we recognise and separate what belongs to us from what we expect to encounter in other people and outside ourselves. We could also call the Ascendant – Descendant complex as the “meeting” axis because it reveals, by sign and aspects, how and what we tend to attract into our lives. This is the axis of self – awareness and where the individual understanding encounters and relate to other people.

The Ascendant, or the constellation that appear to be rising on the eastern horizon at the moment of birth, stands symbolically to how we define ourselves and to a sense of immediate social identity. The rising sign works as a kind of front door, being the gateway from where everything that is contained within the astrological chart is projected outward. The Ascendant has much to say about the individual’s self expression. Along these lines, personal approach, much of the personal style and physical appearance of the individual is also expressed through this angle, including the physical body itself. The Ascendant points out how we get out into the world and the way that we see ourselves interacting with others and the environment. In other words we could also say that the Ascendant represents what kind of lens that we use, not only to interpret but also to interact with the immediate reality around us. The Ascendant also shows what was going on when the person was born and how the experience was felt by the individual, describing an early imprint of what is expected from the environment and therefore how to behave in terms of survival as well. On the other hand, the Descendant, or the constellation that was setting in the western horizon line at the moment of birth, shows a set of characteristics that we expect to encounter from without. The Descendant displays parts that tend to be disowned, qualities that we often project onto other people or tend to experience from outside ourselves. Because of the natural tendency in human beings to seek wholeness there is also usually a noticeable attraction to those qualities represented by the Descendant end of the axis. I have also observed that the sign on the Descendant can point out what kind of committed partnership is appealing to the person and how the individual functions in one – to – one relationships in general. The constellation found on the Descendant mirrors the characteristics that other people perceive in us for it also shows our own approach to relationships. To illustrate how the sign polarities could work when found on the Ascendant – Descendant axis, someone with the rising sign in Libra for instance would be a person who tends to get out into the world in a diplomatic and graceful way, or someone who identifies himself with those characteristics. Compromising and being the go – between would be expected from the Libra Ascendant’s make up while the more straightforward, hot – headed and impatient characteristics of the Aries Descendant would be left to be experienced through and while relating to other people. To be liked by other people would be of extreme importance and the Libra Ascendant person would tend to feel attracted to a more decisive and independent partner. Someone with Scorpio on the Ascendant would get out into the world wanting to probe and uncover psychological truths. There would be a tendency to respond to the environment in a very passionate manner and the individual would be inclined to create crisis as a way of maintaining the intrinsic intensity contained within their style of greeting life. The Descendant in Taurus would represent the characteristics of reliability, placidity and permanence that the Scorpio Ascendant would feel drawn towards to or perhaps his/her own materialistic, unmovable and stubborn shadow. With Cancer on the Ascendant the individual would get out into the world wanting to nurture and care for others, being very sensitive to what is happening in the environment around them. These people would tend to feel attracted to competent, serious and perhaps drawn towards partnerships where age difference features. The Ascendant – Descendant axis is an extreme valuable part of the astrological map, but it has to be integrated with the rest of the chart in order to be given depth and more personal meaning.