Transiting Nodes part 2

And here comes the lunar nodes again!

Over the years I have noticed a great interest in one of my blog posts called ‘Transiting Nodes’ , I just recently re-read and (apart from some typos :/ which my Virgo planets couldn’t help but notice) it dawned on me that here I am going through another interesting transit from the Nodes that I could share.

At the risk of sounding a bit ageist, (I am not!), I have to say that there is something quite interesting that happens when you’re interested in astrology for long enough as an adult.

(no, doing astrology when you’re 10 years old does not count here, sorry)

You get to see, little by little, all sorts of transits happening and being reflected by circumstances in your life. You learn astrology from another, more experiential, angle.

For example, in the article mentioned above, I was writing my observations when transiting North Node of the Moon made a conjunction to my ASC back in early 2013. That happened simultaneously with my Saturn return and a lot of lessons surrounding the Scorpio archetype and my personal experience of those symbols in my chart.

Now, transiting North Node in Taurus is making an exact conjunction to my DSC, the opposite transit to the one I had back in 2013.

What do I observe here? How is this playing out now?

A lot of it seems to be about relationships, at least in my life because my natal lunar North Node is in the 7th house anyway. So as much as I believe in the connection between the nodes and karmic relationships in general, I’m still not a hundred percent sure if this is because of my natal signature or not. And also, obviously, these transits were activating the ASC-DSC axis, the relationship axis.

But here are my insights nevertheless:

When I had my lunar node return, just a few months before the transit I’m having now, I was getting involved with a person that I’m still currently in a relationship with. Mind you, isolating transits is never a great policy, if there is something big happening to you, it might be worth checking everything that’s going on in the sky.

(In many occasions I see people commenting on an intense full Moon and how emotionally difficult it feels but they are also having a challenging transit from Pluto to their natal Moon. Yes, the full Moon might reflect an enhanced emotional atmosphere, but the Pluto transit is reflecting a challenge and change that is a lot deeper and more endurable.)

So I would say always keep an eye in every transit to your natal chart, know your planet’s degrees by heart, etc.

My other transits are also pointing out to changes in relationships, Pluto is trine my natal Venus, progressed Venus was conjoined Saturn, etc. But also the lunar node is conjoined my DSC – the way that this seems to be playing out for me is very much connected with changing the type of people that I get involved with.

Yes, the relationship seems to have a more karmic feeling as well, the amount of compatibility I have with this person is very different from what I felt before. There is no glamour or an overly romantic aura this time. Instead, there seems to be something very fundamentally human and ‘easy’.

I don’t mean easy as not having difficult feelings being triggered, I mean easy as to how we deal with those feelings together, how we can easily communicate with each other, etc.

So from 2013 when I was learning how to refine my attitudes and choices regarding relationships, for example how my own behaviour had an impact on my happiness or how to take more responsibility for the choices I made, I now came to the other side. How much can we grow when we make these choices based on actual compatibility, the lesson isn’t so focused on dealing with the consequences of my actions in relationships, but simply to relate.

When you are finally with the ‘right person’ the lessons and growth won’t stop there. What happens is that another kind of growth begins, a growth in togetherness. The old scripts are uncomfortably challenged again and again, old traumas are triggered, but there is someone else there with you. The dynamic is different.

So I still believe that transits from the lunar nodes point out to important developments and some kind of karmic growth. Relevant people seems to show up. (nodes in synastry seems to have the same effect)

Have you noticed the nodes transiting something in your chart? How did that play out for you?

Evolutionary boost

Another five days have gone by and my energy has shifted.

These are my last two weeks around here and thanks to my my lunar node contact (the friend I wrote about in the last post, with the Gemini Moon tightly conjunct my North Node) I’ve decided to stay. Is quite interesting to see and experience in real life what we usually read in most websites about the relevance of Nodal contacts in synastry.

I have seen Nodal interaspects between my astrological chart and the chart of important people in my life. My brother’s North Node makes a tight conjunction to my MC and I have close and important friends in my life that shares this kind of astrological configuration with me. Apart from sharing a very special and significant place in my heart they also have another thing in common:  most of these connections were developed slowly and steadily. No sudden clicks or boosts. Yes, they’ve entered my life to stay and I’ve always thought that for the same reason there was no need for speeding anything up, there was always an intrinsic sense that that was meant to be.

This is the first time that the relevance of the Nodal connection is quickly revealed to me. A few casual encounters here and there and I already could sense the depth and emotional bond (even if not yet developed in full potential). I say emotional bond precisely because it’s his Moon, representing his emotional body, that makes the contact and color our interaction. I’ve noticed, very casually, his impulse to take care of me in quite a lunar way. It really feels nice. Specially because with this he keeps gently pushing me towards my purpose. There were a few places that he told me that I should definitely go to and I went (trusting the Nodal contact and strong potential for spiritual growth) without getting disappointed. I fought to overcome the unsociable life that I’ve been having here since I arrived. He somehow brought me out of my self absorbed healing process by being himself, without pushing me. Without even knowing what he was doing to be honest. Something about resonance, the resonance between who he naturally is and the point representing my direction towards growth.

I can really see the lunar and Gemini flavour in this situation. Since I decided to come out from my cocoon this big shift happened and I’ve been socialising and networking a lot. I’m getting quite a few clients for astrological readings and I even got a student that is paying for private lessons!

How truly amazing. Really. I cannot stretch how much we should all look out for interaspects between inner planets and the North Node in synastry. It feels like a real blessing. The inner planet person acts like some kind of “godmother” helping you out in your path towards evolution.  You can trust that there is a special kind of bond.