One week to go…

This is my last week in London after seven long years.

Saturn, the planet symbolically connected with the process of maturing, has a seven year cycle. I’ve also heard that every seven years our body cells are completely replaced. I truly feel that whatever my mission in London was it has been accomplished. Good to use words like “mission” when Im just about to step into what it feels like a “Hero’s Journey”. Me and a friend are traveling around Europe for couple of months and then heading to Thailand. One way ticket only. Not sure how long we’ll be traveling around Asia. Our plan is to find and live in self sustainable communities on the way.

Yes, I do feel that I might literally shit my pants every now and then. (The classic diarrhea caused by leaving comfort zones behind.) But the dissonance between who I am becoming and the life I had in London only six months ago somehow seems scarier than that. I think I’d rather shit my pants than settle for a life that feels stale.

Curiously, although this trip is about finding myself I already feel a stronger sense of Self… getting ready for the road..

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