The Chiron Workshop – Beyond Suffering

Saturday 9th DEC 2023
4pm-6pm GMT / 11am-1am EST
Cost: £25 / $30

Chiron, known as ‘The Wounded Healer’, is such an important part of the astrological chart. It’s one of the big driving forces behind our empathy, search for meaning, and even, in many cases, vocational choices. There is power in this archetype, especially for Highly Sensitive People and Empaths, whose lives seem to be driven by Chiron in a more than powerful way.

In this two-hour workshop we will explore the diverse meanings of astrological Chiron, through imagery and more creative means, to understand our personal connection with this archetype. We will also discuss how to explore the ‘Chiron Complex’ in the astrology chart to integrate it in our lives more consciously, as well as to become more aware of Chiron’s cycles.

This event is open to all levels of astrological knowledge, but it is best that you are familiar with the basics and your own astrology chart. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me.

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